Oiling Up PAWG Alexis Andrews Big Booty White Girl

Beautiful blonde Alexis Andrews is the big booty white girl of your dreams! Here she is in this scene for Pawged, showing off that thick af body. Mostly, we’re glad to enjoy that big fat ass of hers, that she is showing off her red lingerie. Since this scene is focused on the PAWG, they provide ample photos and video content to show off the juiciness of every booty on the site, and that’s no different for this super hot tattooed blonde MILF.

Alexis Andrews starts with a tease, giving just a glimpse as her big ass peeks out from her lingerie. She’s curvy with a slutty face tempting you as she lets those big titties free! This big booty white girl moves from her ass to views of her trimmed up pussy, as she spreads her moistening lips for the camera. She knows what you REALLY came to see, and makes sure that her tease ends as well as it begins: with that big luscious PAWG booty on full display!

Oiling Up PAWG Alexis Andrews Big Booty White Girl

Big Booty White Girl Alexis Andrews Gets Hardcore

This isn’t just a sexy scene designed to tease you, with Alexis Andrews solo fun. No,this PAWG is ready to ride! She teases off her lingerie, wanting so much more than she can offer herself up solo. After a few minutes twerking, fingering, and teasing for the camera, this thick, hot blonde is ready to take that jiggling ass and put it to work! Juan Largo steps in to make sure this horny beauty is about to enjoy a nice juicy, wet experience!

Watching Alexis smack her big fat ass is a treat, and she wants to show you how special it is! She talks dirty, suggesting all the things you can do to that big ass of hers. She’s horny and ready, and Juan Largo is extra hungry for that big ol’ ass.

Before he could ever get her ass oiled up, he worships it by motor boating those cheeks as long as he can! He’s so into this big booty white girl that he even makes her ass clap! Alexis Andrews gets that ass truly worshipped like she deserves. For real big booty lovers, you’re probably waiting for the oil to come out! Don’t you worry! Juan is ready with plenty of oil and the rose petals she’s asked for, adding some sexy romance to show off her greatest ASSet.

Once that beautiful ass is all oiled up and ready, h gets to play more, while she twerks that big ass on his hands. By now, Alexis Andrews is begging to get fucked, as she sits on all fours. Juan Largo doesn’t jump into action right away. However, he does make sure you get more of the big booty shaking you came to enjoy. Before taking that big hard cock, Alexis knows that she has to show off just a little longer.

By the end, this scorching hot MILF is joyfully gagging on his cock and getting fucked for the camera. That big ass jiggles, and she delivers a passionate performance showing off that BBW body, with a generous ass.

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