Fine Wine PAWGS – A Fan Perspective

Long live the PAWG parade, the constant stream of fresh talent that never fails to deliver hot and undiscovered beauties. But while I always love the thrill of the new, my favorite thing about PAWGs is seeing how they evolve over time.  She might get a little thicker, giving her booty a little more wiggle or a sexier shape.  Maybe she starts doing hotter scenes, putting that cake into motion in ways you’ve never seen before.  So, let’s take a second to appreciate some of the PAWGs that, like fine wine, only seem to get better with time.

Virgo Peridot first caught my attention doing twerk videos for random model and clips sites.  I couldn’t believe how a butt that big could move like that.  She’s the definition of “dumb thick” with her massive jiggly ass fitting perfectly with her long legs and thunder thighs (find her in a scene where she wears high heels and thank me later). Much to my delight, she’s gotten deeper in the game and is now delivering some of the hottest amateur and pro scenes of any PAWG.  

Richelle Ryan has always been bad but in recent years, she’s perfected the “fuck doll” vibe and figured out that her big fluffy bubble butt is what sets her apart.  It bounces with just the right amount of wiggle but rides high and shines with a nice tan. She knows exactly how to drive you crazy in the first few minutes of a scene, popping those cheeks and setting her iconic “Heartbreaker” tattoo into a hypnotizing rhythm.  

And Ryan Conner and her phat booty have been killing it for decades, having gone in and out of the porn industry over the years.  Through it all, her ass has gotten bigger and bigger, becoming an absolute donk with a gravity-defying shape.  Her uber-MILF body is perfect for taking a pounding and, man, can she take it all. 

I could go on and on (shout out to Sara Jay, Jada Stevens, and Mandy Muse).  Seeing these gorgeous women evolve physically and sexually makes them so much hotter.  So let’s have a toast to the PAWGS that get better with time and keep our fingers crossed that the newbies in the game do the same..


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