Cheating Wife Honey White Gets Railed by Shane Diesel Hardcore

PAWG MILF Honey White doesn’t know she’s going to be a cheating wife yet, in this scene for Josh Stone XXX! This gorgeous PAWG is looking mighty fine in her high heels and matching top, with itty bitty shorts on. She’s going about her day, when she hears a knock on the door. She heads over to answer and finds Shane Diesel on the other side! He says that her husband had called and asked him to come over. Honey is surprised, because her husband just left.

Turns out that their marriage isn’t doing so hot. she tells Shane all about this while serving him up a glass of water, with her ass peeking out of her shorts. The two get to chatting, and Shane makes a suggestion that Honey White never expected. He suggests that they try swinging. She shoots the idea down, because Honey has never been with a man other than her husband Bob! Shane seems surprised, but asks probing questions. She at least has thought about being with other men.

Cheating Wife Honey White Gets Railed by Shane Diesel Hardcore

Cheating Wife is Tempted by Big Black Cock

Honey White doesn’t take his suggestions too lightly, and begins to mention to Shane Diesel that she has never been with a black man before. He does admit that he is attracted to her, but Bob is his buddy! He cannot do all that to him! Can he? Honey continues to push the issue claiming it will be their little secret. This MILF vixen sure doesn’t seem disturbed by the idea of sleeping with someone behind her husband’s back! He’d never agree to this otherwise, and this slightly innocent wife suddenly turns into a mega slut in Shane’s hands.

Honey White is in need of some adventure, and she admits that she’s so unhappy. She doesn’t even get to cum! Now she can get her hands on a big black cock, to ensure she actually cums this time. She’s getting more and more excited as Shane continues to undress her, slipping off her top. He plays with her perky little tits, and she begins to enjoy every bit.

Cheating Wife Honey White Gets Railed by Shane Diesel Hardcore

Honey White Cheats on Her Husband with Shane Diesel

Shane’s hands slip down Honey White’s shorts, so she begins to slip them off in preparation for her first BBC! He admires her sleek body, and tells her all the filthy things he’s going to do to her, starting with fingering her pretty, shaved pussy. She lays back in his arms, moaning at his touch, enjoying how he deeply slips his fingers inside of her. Shane ensures Honey is good and wet to receive that thick cock for the first time.

Honey White isn’t used to such a big cock, and she manages to take him inside of her mouth like a champ. She jerks it in between cock sucking, nervously enjoying. Eventually, the brunette MILF lets go, devouring every inch of his cock, and eagerly awaiting him to enter her pretty pussy.

Naughty Honey White loves her first taste of black cock, and you can enjoy all the hardcore fun for yourself now at Josh Stone XXX!

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