Charley Hart Takes on BBC over at PAWGED

We are enjoying the view of blonde PAWG Charley Hart as she shakes those luscious cakes for PAWGED! This blonde has got it going on, with a sexy face, toned body, tattoos, and of course a big fat ass! We begin this scorching hot scene with Charley solo, grabbing and shaking that ass for us and smiling for the camera. She’s bangin’ she’s beautiful, and she is aching to get her hands on some big black cock!

The MILF tempts us by pulling her shorts down, and shaking that beautiful ass from the bottom up. We cannot wait for Charley Hart to get those shorts off, and we’re sure you’re just as excited while this big booty MILF does her thing. She’s all to tempting solo, but when she gets red hot and hardcore, you’ll really be in for a naughty treat!

Charley Hart Takes on BBC over at PAWGED

Blonde PAWG Sucks on Big Black Cock

Charley Hart slowly strips off her clothes, tempting us with more than just her fat ass. She also has some beautiful tits, and loves to show off those curves. She continues her raunchy tease so you can worship her ass form afar. So keep watching while the blonde PAWG gets you ready for more action. This tease goes on for quite awhile, so you real big booty fans can sit back, relax, and get turned on!

We begin with a little oil drizzled over her fat ass, and she runs her hands over those cheeks easily. Charley Hart is getting hornier by the minute, and soon she won’t be satisfied with just her own hands anymore. Her scene partner is now prepping that BBC for her to suck on. Her mouth is practically salivating for it. She isn’t done with her tease, however. Charley takes you on a longer tour of her curves while she slides her fingers into her pierced pussy.

Charley Hart Takes on BBC over at PAWGED

Charley Hart Masturbates Before Getting Fucked by BBC

This blonde finally gets what she’s really wanting: big black cock! Charley Hart prepares herself for a pounding after a long tease. But her partner has been watching the whole time, loving her ass and thigh jiggles. She sits in his lap, grinding her ass into him. Don’t you wish that as you? She opens up those big cheeks for him to see everything, and she finally grabs hold of his huge cock.

Charley Hart dives deep down on that cock, first thing. She slides her lips as far down his shaft as she can, practically smiling with pleasure. She loves sucking his cock and it shows. The big booty blonde gags over and over, getting more turned on for what she’s about to receive. She makes sure she pleases him, and gets her juicy ass ready to bounce on that big ass cock!

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